Precision Technologies for the Future

Photolithography & PV/Solar Test Systems

Automated Production
Mask Aligner
Model 6000

Automated Production
Mask Aligner with Mask Changer
Model 6000A-CH

Mask Aligner
Model 800E

Mask Aligner
Model 200

UV Energy and
Intensity Meter
Model 659

Large Area Exposure
Model 6020

UV LED Lightsource
Model 32

Solar Simulator and
I-V Test Systems

OAI means performance and reliability

OAI is a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of advanced precision equipment for the Semiconductor, MEMS, Microfluidics, and PV / Solar industries. We offer a broad portfolio of field-proven products that include Mask Aligners, UV Exposure Systems, UV Light Sources, UV Measurement Instruments, Resistivity Meters, Solar Simulators, I-V Testers and Calibrated Reference Cells. We have a commitment to long-term relationships as demonstrated by our focus on engineering, service, and customer support. With over 45 years of experience, and thousands of systems in use around the world, our company has earned a reputation for exceptional products, competitive pricing, and superior customer support. OAI products deliver outstanding performance, exceptional versatility, and proven reliability.

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