AML Wafer Bonder 

Wafer bonding has found many applications in the field of MST, MEMS and micro engineering. These include the fabrication of pressure sensors, accelerometers, micro-pumps and other fluid handling devices. The process is also used for first-order packaging of silicon microstructures to isolate package-induced stresses. The OAI AML Wafer Bonder facilitates both the alignment and bonding to be performed in-situ, in a high vacuum chamber. For anodic bonding the wafers are loaded cold and heated in the process chamber. For high accuracy alignment the wafers are aligned and brought into contact only after the process temperature has been reached, thus avoiding differential thermal expansion effects which can compromise alignment. The AML Wafer Bonder is excellent for anodic bonding, silicon direct and thermal compression bonding applications. These features enable the bonder to be used with virtually any processing tool.