Automated I-V/AOI/EL and Sorting System

OAI’s High Performance In-line Automated-I-V Testing, AOI/EL Inspection and Sorting/Binning System for Various Si Solar Cells. The 10000A-I-V System is a unique and reliable I-V testing, AOI/EL Inspection and Sorting / Binning system for testing of Mono, Multi-Si, C-HJT and other full Size (156mm x 156mm) and/or Cut-cell (156mm x 39mm or 156mm x 31.2mm or other custom sizes) Si Solar Cells.

Note that OAI works with a proven partner company to provide automation. The fully equipped 10000A-I-V is a high-performance inline & fully automated, with 2 x J/R (with 100 slots per cassette) manual Load Cassettes and automated conveyor system connected to single line, including three separate stations to perform I-V / AOI / EL inspection and 48 Bins Sorting at a tac time of 1.25sec and throughout of 2800WPH (best estimate). Both I-V and EL stations come with a glide mechanism to provide precise alignment of Si Solar Cells before they are placed under the busbar fixtures. The alignment option can also be upgraded with a camera vision system. The I-V station comes with 1 x Class A+AA 156mm Solar Simulator, Pogo pin type up to 4 – 5 (or multi) busbars station and Bar-code Reader. The AOI system comprises of CCD Camera (1024 x 1024 pixels) system to do color and defect imaging. The EL station comes with a busbar stage and is connected to the dedicated source meter for biasing the cells and High sensitive CCD Camera in the wavelength range of 900 to 1100 nm having little thermal noise, at a very suitable resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixels. The system also comes with Bernoulli Arm picking system to lift and sort the wafers in 40 x I-V + 6 x AOI and 2 x EL bins. The system can be further optimized and customized based on specific requirements.

• Automated I-V, AOI, EL and Sorting/Binning System for Full Size and CutCell Si Solar Cells
• Throughput of ~2800WPH
• Fast and reliable measurements with minimum contact resistance
• Measurement of up to 12 Busbar Si solar cells
• Specially designed thin Busbars to minimize the shadowing on Si solar cells
• Unique design for measuring Si Cutcells simultaneously using specially designed vacuum chuck and top busbar configuration
• Integration of Test Fixture with unique OAI I-V Rider Software, solar simulator and I-V measurement system