Conductive and Nonconductive Powder Resistivity Meter

The OAI 4-Point Probe Meter for Surface & Volume Resistivity for Conductive/Nonconductive Powder is a Handheld 2 Point & Concentric Ring Meter for Surface & Volume Resistivity for Nonconductive Powder

Hiresta UX Reststivity Meter
The new Hiresta-UX is a high performance meter for measuring the surface and volume resistivity of a wide variety of nonconductive materials.

Loresta AX Resistivity Meter
The Loresta AX Resistivity Meter a handheld unit measures the low resistivity of samples with consistent accuracy.

Loresta GX Resistivity Meter
The Loresta GX Meter is an intelligent, multi purpose low resistivity meter equipped with software that calculates resistivity correction factors.