Energy Meter for UV Curing

The OAI UV Energy Meter is a compact meter used for measuring output from a variety of different light sources including the irradiance emitted from a mercury-xenon lamp. It is a small, flat, fully integrated instrument that is ideal for use in a stationary position as well as on a moving conveyor. The UV sensor is located on the bottom of the instrument with the data display window mounted on the top.

This cost-effective device is ideal for monitoring UV energy levels on coatings, printing inks, adhesives and drying applications. Precise measurements are accomplished in the 250-410nm range with peak performance at 365nm. Output measurement is from 0 to 999,999mj/cm2 using a durable 6-digit LCD. This small, rugged meter can withstand high temperature environments (to 110ÂșC) for up to ten seconds of continuous exposure. Simply retrieve your energy meter after exposure to the UV light source and view test data. Upon turning the meter back on, the display will once again display 0, and the next measurement may be taken without delay.

Designed for long term dependability, the OAI UV Energy Meter is powered by a long-life 3.6V lithium battery with an estimated battery life of 30,000 hours.