Flash Solar Power Meter

OAI’s Flash Solar Power Meter is a versatile measurement tool used for measuring the irradiance (in Suns) from Flash Solar Simulators. Flash Solar Simulators are commonly used in the production of solar panels. Integrated into the solar cell production line, this meter calibrates the flash solar simulator allowing for constant and repeatable irradiance output. By sampling at speeds up to 4000 Hz, the flash pulse temporal profile can be recorded in the meter’s memory and downloaded to a USB 2.0 port on a PC for further analysis.

With this small, portable, battery powered meter, numerous production flash solar simulators can be tested and compared in a short amount of time, leading to greater production line consistency and throughput. OAI offers the Flash Power Meter configured with a calibrated solar reference cell, which is equipped with a thermocouple. The assembly is manufactured in accordance with IEC – 60904 -2. Certification is by NIST to the ISO-17025 standard and is traceable to National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL). Other OAI solar products include: a full portfolio of Solar Simulators, I -V Testers, and Test Fixtures. All products are supported by OAI’s global service and application engineering network.

• Samples at speeds up to 4000 Hz for accurate flash lamp measurement
• Integrates with calibrated reference cell
• Displays temperature readings in °F or °C
• Measures and displays continuous or peak readings
• Connects to USB port for data collection
• Displays reference cell characteristics including: cell type and size, window type, and temperature measurement device type
• Powered by standard wall current or convenient, rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack
• Stores and displays average of recent peak measurements (user settable)
• Comes with 2 separate thermal measurement connector types (k-type thermocouples and RTD) – Designed for use with either type