Hiresta UX – High Reststivity Meter

The new Hiresta-UX is a high performance meter for measuring the surface and volume resistivity of a wide variety of nonconductive materials. With an extended measurement range of 103 ~ 1014Ω, this meter is ideal for Production, Engineering, R&D and Quality Control. The new Hiresta-UX features powerful new algorithms that automatically choose the right voltage, which optimizes the surface and volume resistivity testing. This versatile, high performance resistivity meter includes a built-in switch box that can be mated with a J-Box (meets JIS K 6911 for surface & volume resistivity and is compatible with ASTM D 257) as an option. The Hiresta-UX can store up to 2,000 measurement results, which can be easily exported to a USB memory device.

Applications: Antistatic materials, flooring, paper and packaging materials, coatings, ceramics, films, plastics, paints, concrete, etc.
• Single operation for measuring Ω, Ω/sq., & Ω-cm
• Wide Measurement range
• 7.5” color LCD touch panel
• Stores up to 2,000 measurements – downloadable to USB device
• ASTM D257 compatible & JIS K 69911 compatible
• Built-in switch box for surface and volume resistivity measurements
• Accurate, repeatable results
• Fast and easy to operate
• Eliminates voltage range guesswork
• Quickly switches from surface to volume resistivity

Multiple ring probes for many applications
2-pin probe
Probe checkers, 500 M Ohm, for each probe
Foot switch
J-box for JIS K 6011 and ASTM D 257
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Purchase a Hiresta-UX before June 30, 2014 and receive a 20% discount on any probes, accessories and options ordered.