Integrated I-V Test Systems

The OAI Integrated I-V Test System is perfect for R&D as well as production, the OAI Integrated I-V Test System delivers extremely accurate solar cell performance measurement. OAI’s advanced fully Integrated I-V Test System is designed to overcome the limitations of flash testing by providing a highly optimized pulse width and voltage sweep rate to match any type of solar cell’s high capacitance and slow dielectric response speed. As a result, the system produces extremely accurate measurements of solar cell I-V parameters and efficiency while leading to the most accurate test results.

• Perfect for R&D and Production
• Verified at Fraunhofer, ISE & NREL Meets JIS, IES, & ASTM Standards
• Cell size : 52mm – 500mm
• Configured as: downward, vertical, horizontal, or 360 degree rotating head beams
• Accurate I-V measurements of High Efficiency & All Types of Solar Cells
• Measures up to ±35A / ± 10V /350W I-V Range
• Temperature & Light Soaking Dependent I-V Curves
• Multiplexing Function to Test Various Solar Cells
• Corrected I-V Curves, Graphical / Tabular QC Monitoring
• >1,300,000 wafer passes / lamp*
• Better than >99% Uptime

Solar Cell Performance Measurement System
This I-V test system consists of a OAI’s TSS Class AAA Solar Simulator, Custom Test Fixture, Source Meter and OAI’s proprietary I-V Software, I-V Normalization Kit, Calibrated Si Reference Cell, etc. These systems are available in various models to allow measurement of single or multiple solar cells with sizes ranging from small size up to 500mm x 500mm (see Table next page) By Utilizing a continuous solar simulator with a built-in auto shutter, the system provides a single long pulse whose duration can be adjusted from 50ms to ≥250ms. The integrated system also includes OAI’s high power source meter which is available in various ranges from ±1A / ±10V / 10W up to ±35A / ±10V / 350W. The high power source meter overcomes the limitations of standard source meters by providing an ultra-fast sensing of the voltage.

Integrated Test System Specifications
OAI’s I-V Software adjusts and optimizes the voltage sweep rate from 150V/sec to compensate for the high capacitance of the solar cell and matches the device’s dielectric response speed. This results in the most accurate current-voltage measurements. The I-V curve is recorded in both forward and reverse sweep directions as the software adjusts the voltage sweep rate to solve any hysteresis issues. This provides highly accurate FF and other device performance parameters. The OAI I-V Software also computes all of the standard solar cell parameters : Isc, Voc, Jsc, Imp, Vmp, FF, Rs, Rsh, Pmax and Efficiency. The system can also be integrated with a Normalization Kit which consists of intensity monitoring Cell and other hardware. Utilizing this, each point of the I-V curve is corrected for the variation in intensity and temperature to provide accurate I-V curve. The I-V software also provides script writing capability to program the system to do Auto I-V Measurements, including light soaking based and temperature dependent I-V curves. This I-V System can also be integrated with multiplexing hardware to allow the measurements of multiple solar cells in sequential or in parallel ways.