Loresta AX – Low Resistivity Meter

The Loresta AX Resistivity Meter a handheld unit measures the low resistivity of samples with consistent accuracy. This resistivity meter measures resistivity using a wide variety of probes. The Loresta AX uses a standard RCF that enables the user to input other RCF’s if known. It is typically used in Product Engineering and Quality Control. Applications include conductive paint, conductive plastics, conductive rubber, conductive film, antistatic materials, EMI shield materials, conductive fiber, conductive ceramics, etc.

Antistatic Materials, Flooring Materials, Paper, Packing Materials, Paint, Fiber, Concrete, Ceramics, Plastics, Films, etc.

• Auto Hold mode accessed by pushing start key.
• Nickle Hydrogen Battery with easy changeability
• Optional probe checker mode software
• Measurement data can be output to USB memory.
• 4-pin method that accurately measures the resistivity of materials
• One-touch reading of Ohms, Ohms sq., and Ohms cm
• Constant extrusion pressure, inter-spring distance, and contact area
• Measurement unaffected by contact resistance and lead wire resistance
• Memory backup that can store 1,000-pieces of data
• Wide measurement range (10-2 to 10+6 Ohms)
• Easily carried for on-line inspection or field service
• Data correlates to Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS K 7194)
RS232 Output Port
A wide range of Optional Probes.