Loresta GX – Low Resistivity Meter

The Loresta GX Meter is an intelligent, multi purpose low resistivity meter equipped with software that calculates resistivity correction factors. A variety of 4 pin probes are available for use with the Loresta GX. The instrument is typically used in Product Engineering, R&D, and Quality Control. Applications include measurement of conductive paint, conductive plastics, conductive rubber, conductive film, silicon wafers, antistatic materials, EMI shield materials, conductive fiber, conductive ceramics, etc.

Antistatic Materials, Plating, Magnesium alloy, Sprayed metal layers, Flooring Materials, Paper, Packing Materials, Paint, Fiber, Concrete, Ceramics, Plastics, Rubber, Silicon Wafers, Films, etc.


MCP probe enables one-touch reading Ohms, Ohms/sq., and Ohms cm.
One-touch operation: automatic measurement with auto-hold and timer modes
4-pin method simply and accurately measures resistivity of materials
A 7.5 inch TFT-LCD touch screen monitor makes for easy operation
The meter has memory backup that can store 1,000-pieces of data
Expanded Measurement Range ( 10-4 ~ 107 Ω)
Silicon mode for silicon wafer measurement
Data Correlates to ASTM-257 and JIS-K6911
Data output to USB flash memory
A wide range of Optional Probes