Mask Treatment Process – Model 100MT

OAI offers a unique process which extends the life of your mask, says good bye to tedious washing and drying of mask and thus enables your mask aligner to have increased productivity at the lowest cost of ownership. The Model 100 MT is a 2 step process.

STEP1 – Plasma or UV Treatment

STEP2 – Vapor Phase Mold Release Treatment

The Model 100MT release treatment process is designed to add an antistiction monolayer coating on the mask surface to prevent adhesion of the photoresist to the mask. Using a programmable automatic process control with a time saving setup, a contact angle of up to 110 degrees can be achieved.


+ Can process up to 20 masks in a batch process.

+ Extends mask cleaning from 5-10 wafer exposures to200 wafer exposures

+ Eliminates mask wet cleaning process

+ Lowers Cost of Ownership (COO)of your mask aligner