Model 2000AF & 2000SM Exposure Systems

The OAI Model 2000 Exposure Systems may be configured as either an edge-bead exposure system (2000SM) or a flood exposure system (2000AF); both configurations are based on OAI’s proven, time-tested platform.

Both versions of the Model 2000 Exposure System include a UV light source, intensity controlling power supply and robotic substrate handling subsystem. UV light sources provide adjustable intensity beams with divergence half-angles of <2.0%. Power supplies are available from 200W to 2,000W. Intensity controller sensors are linked directly to the light source for accurate intensity monitoring. The robotic substrate handling system is microprocessor controlled and may be programmed to accommodate a wide variety of substrate sizes. The shadow mask capability enables the user to pattern the top of a substrate while being held in very close proximity to the mask. At a separation of 25-microns, these systems are capable of 6-micron resolution.

In the SM configuration, the Edge-bead Exposure System provides a cost-effective method for edge-bead removal using standard shadow mask technology. Mask and substrate changeover can be accomplished quickly and easily adding to both versatility and throughput of this high-volume production tool.

In the AF configuration, the Model 2000 Flood Exposure System is used to augment, and/or enhance the photolithography processes in both production and R&D environments. Applications include photo resist stabilization and modification, image reversal and PCM processes.