Model 212 Large Area Mask Aligner

Low-Cost Table Top Mask Aligner for Large Area Substrates

In response to industry demands for a low cost R&D mask aligner for larger substrates (up to 12″x12″ or 300mm diameter), OAI has developed the Model 212 Table Top Mask Aligner. The Mask Aligner is based on OAI’s proven modular approach leveraging OAI’s extensive experience with the Model 200, Tabletop Mask Aligner. The venerable OAI Model 200 Mask Aligner is an entry-level tool that is installed in R&D labs worldwide.

The Model 212 Mask Aligner is engineered to accommodate 12″x12″ or 300mm substrates as well as smaller size mask inserts and substrate holders; thus adding to the versatility of the tool. The Model 212 is especially useful for research and development labs and has quickly gained acceptance in labs worldwide. With our modular design approach, OAI offers the highest quality precision mask aligners at the lowest total cost of ownership. The new Model 212 Mask Aligner fills the void for those researchers who require a versatile, cost effective 300mm mask aligner system for R&D.