Model 308 UV Light Meter

Dependable and repeatable, The OAI Model 308 UV Light Meter is precise, direct-reading instrument designed to measure UV light intensity. The Model 308 features detachable probes for use in the UVA, UVB and UVC ranges, plus a high speed serial port and is available with an optional software package that facilitates instant data logging of intensity mode, time, wave length, serial number and calibration due date.

The Model 308 UV Light Meter is used in Photolithography, MEMS, 3D Printing, Packaging, UV Curing & Sterilization. Accuracy of this UV Light Meter meter is within ±3%and measurement repeatability is within ±3 LSB (least significant bit). Like all OAI precision instruments, the Model 308 provides NIST traceable measurements. This easy-to-use light meter is auto-ranging from 0.1 to 1999.9 milliwatts/cm2 full scale when used with the 2000 milliwatts/ cm2 probe. The linearity of the UV Light Meter in this range is at least ±(.002% + 6 LSB).

Power for the Model 308 Light Meter is supplied by a 9V alkaline battery, and the easy-to-read LCD display consumes very little power for extended battery life. This easy to use, handheld UV Light Meter features a peak hold switch enabling the user to capture the maximum intensity reached during an exposure while retaining the reading on the display. OAI maintains a Calibration Laboratory to ensure that all products continue to meet specifications.

The Model 308 UV Light Meter is available with a family of calibrated detachable probes having spectral responses peaked in the UVA range at 365, 380, 400, 420, 436, and 540nm, the UVB range at 310nm and UVC range at 220, 253.7, 260nm. Each detachable probe employs an ultra-stable silicon detector and special filters that precisely shape the spectral response. For added ease-of-use, probes are calibrated for direct reading without any additional adjustment. In cases where the measurements are to be performed in environments having significant infrared (IR) radiation levels, OAI can supply an optional high-intensity, high-temperature, detachable probe.

Perfect for a wide variety of industries where the precision measurement of UV Light is essential, the Model 308 is designed for any application requiring repeatable, reliable UV measurement.

UV Curing
3D Printing


Relative Accuracy:
275-2000 mw/cm2 range: ±(.042% of reading +.450 mw/cm2)*
0-275 mw/cm2 range ±(.089% of reading +.0545 mw/cm2)*
0-275 mw/cm2 range ±(.002% of reading +.0297 mw/cm2)
275 – 2000 mw/cm2 range ±.300 mw/cm2
Display Range: 0.1-1,999
Power: 9V battery (1)
Dimensions :4.4″w x 7.7″h x 1.25″d
Weight: 10 oz. (approx.)
Meter + Probe Accuracy: ±3%


Relative Accuracy: ±2.5% of OAI standards*
Sensor Material: Silicon (UV enhanced)
Filter: Multi-layer or dielectric filter absorption glass
Dimensions: 1.75″ diameter x 0.63″ thick
Weight: 3 oz. (approx.)
Cable Length: 4 ft.
For Probes over 2 w/cm² Contact OAI for more information
*NIST Traceable


RoHS and CE Compliant
Detachable single or dual wavelength probes
Auto ranging, digital display
Light intensity measured in milliwatts/cm2
Accuracy is traceable to NIST
High speed serial port for data logging


Optional data logging software for mode, time, wave length, serial numbers and calibration due date available.
For analysis can be downloaded to an Excel file.