Model 30E Enhanced UV Light Source

The OAI UV Model 30E Enhanced UV Lightsource consists of a stand-alone Model 30 UV Lightsource, a constant intensity controller, and a shutter timer, and a pull out drawer with a rotating chuck. Rotating the chuck during flood exposure improves exposure uniformity.

The Model 30E Enhanced UV Lightsource is highly efficient and may be utilized in a variety of applications. Light is collected by an ellipsoidal reflector and focused on an integrating/condensing lens array to produce uniform illumination at the exposure plane. This UV light source is available in various beam sizes up to 24 inches square with output spectra ranging from 220 nm to 450 nm, using the appropriate lamp (included). Output power ranges from 200 watts to 5 kilowatts. All OAI UV Lightsources are easily equipped with quick-change filter assemblies, enabling the user to customize the output spectrum with little effort. Optional remote exhaust fans are available.

Dual channel intensity controllers control light source intensity to a user-desired level and keep it constant over the lifetime of the lamp. Controllers’ feature dual-channel optical feedback allowing adjustment from one intensity level or spectral sensitivity to another. Intensity controllers feature a visual display for monitoring lamp intensity and power. Range scales automatically for different intensity levels. Audible alarms alert operator when a lamp change is required.

The shutter timer (used with freestanding exposure systems) activates the light source shutter. The timer range is from 0.1 to 999 seconds. An interface for controlling other shutter speeds is available.