Model 32 UV LED Light Source

This new UV LED lightsource is designed and engineered by the proven lithography experts at OAI. The lightsource delivers a number of unique benefits, the most consequential of which is consistent intensity over an exceptionally long life. The lightsource is highly energy efficient, requires no maintenance or light replacement, and contains no mercury.

The OAI UV LED Lightsource delivers a beam size of between 4″ and 12″ with beam uniformity better than +/- 4%. It features a prism array and light pipe for superior uniformity. Collimation angle less than 2 degrees. This lightsource is capable of variable intensities, with wavelength of 365nm, 405nm or a combination. Features include dose control and timed exposure. Easy to use, the OAI lightsource uses a touch screen interface and has a USB remote interface.

The UV lightsource offers a variety of options including a heavy-duty stand, a Tooling Module for photolithography printing, and single or multiple wavelength versions. This system may be integrated into any OAI Lithography System.