Model 356 Meter

The Model 356 Photolithography UV Intensity & Energy Meter for Contact Mask Aligners is a microprocessor-based monitor that allows storage and recall of multiple exposure parameters (intensity, energy, and time) collected from an exposure series (400 mW/cm2, 9999 mJ/cm2, 9999 seconds max.) It calculates percent deviation and averages energy. For 220, 254, 260, 310, 365, 380, 400, 420, 436, and 540 nm wavelengths. Other wavelengths are available.

Perfect for a wide variety of industries where the precise measurement of UV energy is essential, the Model 356 is designed for any application requiring repeatable, reliable UV measurement.

• Averages up to 9 exposure readings
• Digital display provides clear, NIST traceable measurements
• Measures Intensity, Time, and Energy
• Records % deviation over a series of exposures
• Recognizes probe wavelength which prevents errors in setup
• Simple push button operation provides reliable results
• Detachable probes to match the spectral response of many photoresists
• Display readings can be frozen
• Front panel reminders prompt the user
• Rugged aluminum case features handle and probe pouch for portability
• Calculated Interchangeable Probes for a Given Model