Model 6000: Automated Front & Backside Mask Aligner System

For Production Semiconductors, MEMS, Sensors, Advanced Packaging, IOT, Microfluidics With over 4 decades of manufacturing in the semiconductor industry, OAI meets the growing challenge of a dynamic market with an elite class of production photolithography equipment. Built on the proven OAI modular platform, the Model 6000 has front and backside alignment that is fully automated with a submicron  printing  capability  as well as submicron top to bottom front side alignment accuracy which delivers performance that is unmatched at any price. Choose either topside or optional backside alignment which uses OAI’s customized advanced recognition pattern software. These Mask Aligners  have OAI’s  Advanced Beam Optics with better than ±3% uniformity and a throughput of 200 wafers per hour in first mask mode, which results in higher yields. The Series 6000 can handle a wide variety of wafers from thick and bonded substrates (up to 7000 microns), warped wafers (up to 7 mm-10mm), thin substrates (down to 100 micron thick), and thick photo resist. With topside alignment of +/- 0.5 micron, OAI’s enhanced Pattern Recognition Software, delivers reliable repeatable results. For backside alignment, the Model 6000 Mask Aligner has a stable optical train, long distance microscopes, and advanced auto alignment software giving the most repeatable  front to backside alignment accuracy. With superb process repeatability, the Series 6000 is the perfect solution for all production environments. For the total lithography process, the Model 6000 can be integrated seamlessly with cluster tools and OAI’s automatic mask changer. OAI’s Production Mask Aligners are the total package and are available also with UV LED Light Sources.