Model 659 Light and Energy Meter

UV Light and Energy Meter for use with all wafer steppers. For over 45 years, OAI is a world leader in UV Light and Energy Measurement Instrumentation used for reliable accurate calibrated control of the photolithography processes in the Semiconductor, MEMS, Wafer Packaging and Wafer Bumping Industries. The New Model 659 is an advanced UV exposure analyzer specifically designed for use with all wafer steppers including high intensity wafer steppers. This meter averages up to 400 exposure readings, has Ethernet and USB interface for downloading recorded measurements, and has intensity range of up to 7,500mW/cm2. Probes are available in wavelength of 365nm, 400nm, 420nm & 436nm. OAI has a complete certified calibration lab to maintain the performance, quality and reliability of our meters. The Model 659 meter is traceable to NIST standards.