Stand-alone I-V Test Systems

OAI offers a complete line of high performance I -V Testers. I -V Testers and I -V Rider software may be ordered as a stand -alone system or integrated into any OAI Solar Simulator. Three standard ranges of I -V Testers are available; ≤1A, 1 -5A, 5 -10A, and 20A. Higher current testers are available as custom options. An OAI Application Engineer will work with you to insure that the I -V Tester and I -V Rider software you choose is optimized for your specific application.

Parameters Tested:
Open-circuit voltage (Voc)
Short-circuit current (lsc)
Maximum power output of the cell (Pmax)
Voltage at Pmax (Vmax), Current at Pmax (Imax)
Conversion efficiency, Fill factor (FF)Series Resistance (Rs), and Shunt Resistance (Rsh)