Trisolâ„¢ Single Long Pulse Solar Simulator (SLPSS) & I-V Test System

The OAI Test System for HIGH EFFICIENCY SOLAR CELLS overcomes the limitations of flash testing by providing a highly optimized pulse width and voltage sweep rate to match the cell’s dielectric response speed. As a result, the system produces extremely accurate measurements of solar cell efficiency leading to increased profitability.

Advances in mono-crystalline Si, multi-crystalline Si, HIT, and backside-contact type based solar cell design and processing have led to an increase in cell capacitance and resistance by >2 orders of magnitude. This results in a decrease in the cell’s dielectric response speed. Most flash testers provide an extremely short pulse duration, in the range of 5 -50ms, and require fast voltage sweep rates. Testing solar cells with flash testers produce I-V curve hysteresis when sweeping in both forward and reverse directions, resulting in inconsistent fill-factor (FF) values and lower cell efficiency measurements.