TriSOL™ Standard Class AAA (TSS) Solar Simulator

Essential for testing virtually any material or product that is exposed to sunlight for long or short periods of time, OAI’s low-cost, Standard Solar Simulators deliver highly collimated, uniform light. Depending on configuration, output on these Solar Simulators is rated at 350W -5,000W.These Class AAA Solar Simulators feature OAI’s Advanced Uniform Beam Optics and are available with a choice of air mass filters to reproduce a wide range of solar spectra. For added flexibility, OAI’s proven lens and collimating mirror technology allows for a variety of exposure area sizes. A Class AAA Solar Simulator is an essential tool for manufacturing as well as R&D; it is indispensable in test labs, industry, and in universities. OAI Standard Solar Simulators are used in photobiology, biomedical, solar cell testing, cosmetic testing, and paints & coatings analysis. Based on 35+ years of proven UV light technology, OAI Solar Simulator Systems deliver repeatable, reliable, constant output, and measurement uniformity.